Heat Pumps

Daikin Altherma LT split

EJ Fidgeon repairs and services most brands of heat pumps.  We specialise in Daikin Altherma mono block, split and high temperature models.

What to do if your air to water heat pump is not working:

  • Check that there is power going to the unit.
  • Check that the controller is lit up - check for flashing lights on the controller or error codes
  • Check that your thermostats and controllers are on and calling for heat
  • Check the outdoor condenser to see if it is covered in ice
  • Check the water pressure in the heating circuit

If there is nothing happening, then you need to call for service. 

Most breakdowns relate back to a poor installation and poor or no maintenance.  Generally heat pumps are reliable, but are subject to the laws of physics and human stupidity/ignorance.

For example:

  • Heat pump fitted by your drinking buddy/plumber
  • The condenser coil fins are crushed and damaged because the kids use the condenser as a goal post.
  • The small shrub planted 10 years ago near the heat pump has grown into a very large shrub, choking the heat pump.
  • A fence has been built around the heat pump to hide it.
  • The heat pump was installed without enough clearance for proper air flow.
  • The heat pump is 20 meters away from the house and the pipe work is buried in soil.
  • No water filter installed on the heating circuit.
  • No corrosion inhibitor in the heat pump/heating circuit.
  • No interface/continuity between the heating controls and the heat pump controls, they have to be switched on and controlled  independently.
  • Heat pump was not commissioned, controls were not programmed, customer is manually switching system on and off.

With all heating systems, you need complete view of the overall system so that all the elements work together to give the best efficiency.  When you have a break in the controls logic and remove the smartness of proper time and temperature controls by reducing the controls to a simple on/off switch, you cannot get comfort or efficiency.

When you have unconnected, independent controls for your under floor heating, radiators, hot water and heat pump - you cannot get comfort or efficiency.

Anything can be fixed, it takes time and money.  But more importantly it takes knowledge, skill, desire and resources to fix your problem.

If you would like to employ my expertise and get your heating system sorted out, give me a call on 087 2231015.