Energy Advice

One of the best ways to save money on your energy costs is to have definitive data on what and how much energy is being used in your building.

Heat is heat -  so the art of saving energy is to retain heat with good air tightness and insulation, control the releasing of heat with good controls and finally to generate the heat as economically as possible.

My advice on saving energy:

  • Improving air tightness is better than improving insulation
  • Improving the temperature controls is better than improving insulation
  • Improving boiler or heat generating efficiency in better than improving windows
  • Triple glazed windows are a waste of money vs double glazed for most buildings
  • Heat pumps by themselves do not save you any money
  • Fit chimney balloons to all fireplaces
  • Get a building energy survey done

For example, If you have an older home, chances are that that there are several fireplaces with open chimneys - allowing heat to constantly escape up the chimney 24 hours a day.  Meaning that your heating system runs longer to reheat that air that escapes up the chimney.   The hot air that escapes up the chimney is replaced by cold air that enters through doors, windows and other leak points in the building.

By getting a building energy survey done, I look at the entire building, the heating system, controls, insulation, heating requirements, radiators or under floor heating, air tightness and your current energy costs.

Armed with a comprehensive report and recommendations on what gives you the best and fastest payback, you have the information and advice you need to start saving money and getting more comfort.

Installing a heat pump in an effort to save money in an existing building may be the biggest waste of money you ever make when there could be numerous other items that could be addressed at a lower capital cost that would give a much faster payback.

Knowing what is wrong and right with your building and heating system and getting sound advice in plain English will help you make the best choices.  Contact us for a building energy survey or advice.