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DuctSox Corporation, headquartered in Dubuque, Iowa, is a manufacturer of commercial and industrial fabric air dispersion products for open ceiling architecture, critical environments, and under floor applications. Our fabric systems are a cost effective, aesthetically attractive alternative to metal ductwork and diffusers. They are easy to install, have low material waste on the jobsite, and offer many other Green advantages. Our products have been accepted within key industry organizations such as ASHRAE, Underwriters Laboratories (U.S. & Canada), International Code Council, and many building authorities throughout the world.  The latest information on Ductsox products is available on www.ductsox.com

EJ Fidgeon is the appointed manufacturer's representative for Ductsox sales in Ireland.  There are numerous projects fitted with Ductsox in Ireland.  Rock n Bowl in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath is fitted with the ComfortDisc System and Ductsox.  Click here for more details.

If you need a quotation, some basic information will be needed such as;

  • The application, warehouse, supermarket, office, call center etc.
  • If heating, cooling or both
  • The air flow of your air handling unit
  • The available static pressure of your air handling unit
  • The height of the building and the height the Ductsox will be suspended
  • Your prefered mounting system, track, FTS, single cable etc (if known)
  • Your prefered colour
  • A sketch or drawing of the building

Each Ductsox job is bespoke, no two are the same.  It will take 2 to 3 business days to get a quotation back from the factory.  If you wish to proceed with an order, the order and shipping costs must be prepaid in full.  Production of you order can vary from three to four weeks or longer depending on the factory workload.  Orders can be expedited to 10 working days at additional cost for urgent projects.  Delivery (via air freight) can vary from 3 to 7 business days plus customs clearance.